Eki no Mori

Eki no Mori is a musical side-project of David Biedenbach, largely inspired by the 16-32bit era of video game tunes and the Amiga mod scene.

It consists primarily of melody-driven elecrtronica, with occasional excursions into a more acoustic sound.

All tracks are composed in Cakewalk Sonar using a variety of synthesizers and plug-ins, and sometimes, guitar.

To listen to any particular track, please click on the title below.
This is a dance-ish tune that was written for a friend's portfolio project a while back.
This track was inspired by the electronic/orchestral soundscapes of Armored Core III.
Music inspired by SNES era RPG tunes. Intended for use as the "overworld map" music in a friend's game, but the project never got off the ground.
This was originally written back in 2004, and is loosely based on a train-station jingle I heard 2 years prior at Kita-Fuchu station in Tokyo.
Einhander and R-Type Delta were the inspiration for this track, which is the most recently written of the collection. This is intended for an abandoned bichemical laboratory stage in a space shoot-em-up style game.
This was my first experiment with the CamelSpace plugin, which I highly recommend. It makes gated pads a piece of cake!
Vaguely inspiried by the Postal Service, which made me realize blippy synths could be fun too!
Something that was in my head when I woke up one morning. Like most of my older works, this has gone through many revisions over the years.
This is my first attempt at writing a solo piano piece.
Theme music from the upcoming iPhone game, "Earth Sentry." Can you save the Earth from alien invasion?
Meant for a dungeon in a Castlevania-style game.
Remix of the Rockman ZX track Green Grass Gradation.
The Megaman 3 Password screen music has been remixed into this fun little piece.

All content Copyright (C) 2010 David Biedenbach. Please send all questions or comments to dave at ekinomori dot com.